Fastest growing sector in the world

Subject to rapid changes

Turkey is one of the 10 most growing market


  • Service based
  • High cash flow
  • Technology dependent
  • Capital dependent
  • Qualified HR dependent
  • High competition

==> it is important:

  • Cost of the service
  • Equipment/Infrastructure
    Service Quality
  • Coverage

Functions                                                            Difficulties

  • Customer Management                                   Distributed structure
  • Services Management                                     Millions of Subscribers
  • Tarification                                                          Variety of Services
  • Rating and Billing                                              Variety of Tariffs
  • Payment Collection                                           Millions of invoices per day
  • Maintenance                                                       Different service teams for different services
  • Marketing Management


Why Telco Operators need a new CC&B System

. Market trends

. New Services

. New Operators

. New and Complicated Requirements

. Convergence and interoperability

. Integration of CC&B with CRM and ERP

. Technological, competitive, legal and regulatory factors

. e-government and Document Management requirements

a new framework requirement,

building an architecture that is durable,

implementing reusable Technologies and components,

ensuring interoperability with other applications/platforms.

Telco is the driving sector. Telecommunications technologies and services are radically transforming our societies. Our lengthy experience with operators in the region gives us the needed insight to closely analyze the challenges that face your business. With the best technologies in mind, our services were created specifically for your business by our specialized and committed teams of business and software analysts. We are confident that, together, we can achieve our shared goal of leading the market.

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