(focused on Biotechnology and Bioinformatics)

Governments and private corporations increasingly recognize the benefits of investing in this dynamic and fast growing industry.

Therapeutic areas are classified based on the portfolio of products under development (EU Biotech 2006).

  • Cancer 18%
  • Infectiology 12%
  • Immunology 9%
  • Neurology Neurodegenerative diseases 7%
  • Dermatology 7%
  • Proteomic genomics (medical genetics: 4%)

The draft report "Overview of the Biotech Health Sector in Europe" is the starting point of the AFIBIO project and outlines the "contours" of the Biotech Health sector in Europe from the perspectives of industry, research base, public policy support to the sector, and finance. Based on a Country analysis (covering 17 European Countries and Israel) ,interviews and documentation, this draft report presents a synthesis of the main strengths and weaknesses of the Biotech sector at EU level compared to the US. The document is a draft that will be up-dated throughout the life of the project. TELESOFT will take place in these collaborative projects.

Our team of contractors and partners are comprised of a highly skilled range of lawyers, patent attorneys and corporate advisers, many of whom also hold qualifications in the health sciences, engineering and computer programming. For instance, our scientific qualifications include disciplines such as microbiology, pharmacy, genetics and chemistry. This gives our practice a powerful combination of technical, commercial and legal know-how.

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