Project Name:

Turk Telecom Customer Care and Billing Project (CC&B)

TurkTelecom has 20 millions of subscribers and provides more than 20 services (PSTN, xDSL, LL, P2P, ISDN,etc).A consortium (Siemens-consortium leader, Convergys, HP, Oracle, Gantek, Innova, AtosOrigin) got the project. The following applications are being customized and integrated: Convergys Infinys for order management, customer management, rating and billing, Oracle MetaSolv for inventory, activation and provision, Subex/Azure for interconnection and dynamic routing, HP OpenView for trouble ticketing and Innova iPaySuite for payment and bank connection.



Project Location within Country:


Professional Staff provided

No. of Staff: 3

Name of Client:


No. of Man‑months:


Address and Contact Person:

Rasim Eğri


Esat Cd. 44 Ankara

Approx. Value of Services:

US $ .../ ...

Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date (month/year):


No. of Man‑months of Professional Staff provided by Associated Firm:

Name of Associated Firm, if any:

Senior Staff involved and Functions performed:

Ahmet Gulsevim (Project Management Consultant, Billing and Large-Scale Project Consultant, gap and re-design analist)

Gurhan Hatipoglu (System Design and Planning, Configuration Management, Cutover Design)

Özgür Yilmaz (System/Database/Security Specialist, Identity Management, SSO)

Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

NSN  is the integrator of the CC&B project

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff :

We as Telesoft Ltd. Provide know-how transfer, consultancy and support on :

Large-Scale IT Project Consultancy

Determining open issues in RFP, Proposal and the contracts

Reporting the risk items in the project

Defining design gaps and re-design

Development of weekly/monthly reports and dashboards

First drafts of the Configuration Management, Migration Strategy, Test Plan and Operational Framework Documents

Billing Test support

Integrated Reporting, Identity Management, Single-Sign-On support


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