Ankara Chambers/Cooperate of Bakeries (ANKFO)


Project Name:

Ankara Chamber of Bakery Automation and Billing System



Project Location within Country:


Professional Staff provided

No. of Staff: 22

Name of Client:

Ankara Chambers/Cooperate of Bakeries

No. of Man‑months:

176 man*month

Address and Contact Person:

Ahmet Boz

Member of Chamber/Project Coordinator


Approx. Value of Services:


US $ ...

Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date (month/year):


No. of Man‑months of Professional Staff provided by Associated Firm:

Name of Associated Firm, if any:

Senior Staff involved and Functions performed:

Ahmet Gulsevim (Project Leader)

Şenol Tunc (Software Manager)

Dilek Ogun (CFO)

Ozgur Adiyaman (integration)

Detailed Narrative Description of Project & Services provided:

Management of the production level and quality procedure of 1450 bakeries in Ankara.

Management of the customers of bakeries.

Preparing/tracking the orders of the customers and preparing the bills daily.

Integrating the financial data on to the central accounting system.

MIS reports

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff :

-  Installation of the Servers/network in the districts and Headquarter

-  Analysis, design, development, test and integration

-  Deployment

-  Training

-  Support



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