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Consulting Profile


In order to develop a clear understanding of each consultant’s skills and experience, and to map these effectively on to potential career consulting opportunities, Telesoft has compiled this ‘Consulting Profile’. It is not always possible to get this information from a cv, so we hope you will understand our desire to get an accurate picture of your skills and experience from this brief analysis. Please note that this profile relates only to consultants who are interested in applying for permanent positions (i.e. not temporary contract assignments).

This document is in 3 sections, which deal with:

1) Recent Consulting Roles – your responsibilities in recent projects and the roles for which your skills and experience are best suited.

2) The telecoms business – typical telecoms operational functions and business processes. This section summarises the areas of a typical telecoms Service Provider’s operations where you have acquired specialised knowledge and experience.

3) Personal Preferences - details relating to other aspects of potential opportunities which are important in establishing a good match with your ambitions and circumstances.

Recent Consulting Projects

In the table below, please indicate the areas within which you have worked on recent consulting projects, within the last 5 years or so. List each project with approximate start and end dates, beginning with the most recent, and indicate which role(s) you undertook on each project using the following prioritization:


Primary Role – this is the role you were assigned to perform on this project (Note there can be only one primary role for each project. If you feel that you held more than one ‘primary’ role, please split the project into two component projects and reflect your different contributions to each)


Secondary Role – if you were involved in a secondary role on the project, please mark this with a ‘2’. In certain circumstances, there could be more than one ‘secondary’ or subsidiary role


Enter a zero or leave the field blank if the role is not applicable to this project

For the purpose of this profile, we understand the different consulting roles as follows:

Project Management – Holding personal responsibility for the successful delivery of a programme or project. You will have been responsible for managing resource and task allocation, managing performance against budget and time constraints, and working with the client organisation to structure the project so as to achieve the required objectives.

Business Analysis and/or Process Design – Engaging in direct interaction with client representatives to understand their business needs, preferences and priorities. This will probably have involved running workshops and conducting interviews. Analysing client requirements and documenting these in such a way as to secure client agreement, and feed into the delivery process.

Solutions Architecture – Designing effective solutions based on a clear understanding of the client’s needs and a detailed knowledge of the technical alternatives available.

Product Specialist – Using detailed knowledge of a specific software product to inform the Solution Architecture process and to manage/direct the required configuration and/or customization activities.

(Please note, we have listed 5 potential projects purely for convenience – if you have worked on a smaller number of long projects in the last few years, this is fine. Alternatively, if you wish to add extra rows to the table, please go ahead)


Your Employer

Start Date

(month, year)

End Date

(month, year)

Role (enter 1,2 or 0 as appropriate)

Project Management

Business Analysis, Process Design

Solutions Architecture

Product Specialist

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

Project 5

The Telecoms Business

The table below is based on the eTOM process framework (enhanced Telecoms Operations Map) and displays the 3 end-to-end business processes of Fulfillment, Assurance and Billing together with the 3 business functions of Customer Relationship Management, Service Management and Resource Management. In each cell, please indicate your knowledge and consulting experience according to the key below


Number of projects – please indicate the number of recent projects (from those listed in the table above) which have involved work within each of the process/function areas listed.

Your level of Knowledge/Expertise

A – Specialist. Extensive knowledge and experience gained from several (probably >5) years of active consulting in this area with a range of different clients. Detailed, up-to-date knowledge of latest approaches, technologies and systems adopted by telecoms SPs in this area. Able to question client strategies and approaches and make authoritative recommendations and proposals with little or no recourse to others.

B – Experienced. Good knowledge of this process area gained from significant involvement in bids and projects which have directly addressed this process/function, for several different clients. Although not a specialist, able to understand client concerns and contribute significantly to preparation of recommendations and proposals.

C – Aware. Can understand many of the issues and broad principles involved in this process/function, and can contribute to proposals, recommendations, but would not wish to be responsible for proposing or delivering solutions without substantial assistance from others with more specialized knowledge.

D – No Experience. Possess little or no knowledge or experience in this area.

For example, 3-B entered in the CRM/Billing cell would indicate that 3 of your recent projects have addressed this area and that you consider yourself ‘Experienced’ in this process/function combination. The default setting is 0-D in each case.

To help in completing this table, we have included a diagram of the Operations section of the eTOM model, which shows the process view at Level 2 of the framework.

(Selling, Ordering, Configuring, Activating and Provisioning Service)

(Problem Handling and Quality Management)

(Invoicing, Collections, Rating/discounting, Data Collection & Processing, Interconnect/Wholesale billing)

Customer Relationship Management (i.e. concerned with managing the customer interface)




Service Management (i.e. concerned with managing the delivery of service)




Resource Management (i.e. concerned with managing the network and IT infrastructure)




Partner/Supplier Management (i.e. concerned with managing the interface with partners, suppliers)




eTOM Process Framework – Level 2


Personal Considerations

Your Job Preferences

In this section, we would like you to indicate the type of role which you feel would be the best match for you, at this stage in your career. In each case, please rank your three favoured choices as 1, 2 and 3 respectively.



Rank (1, 2 or 3)

Project/Programme Management

Business Analysis, Process Design

Solution Architecture

Product Specialist*


*Please name Product(s)

Project Phase

Project Phase

Rank (1, 2 or 3)

Emphasis on Pre-sales phase

Emphasis on Delivery phase

Balance of Pre-sales and Delivery work

Geographic Location

Geographic Location or Flexibility

Rank (1, 2 or 3)

Local/Commutable from home location on a daily basis

National/European – able to return home most weekends

International, World-wide

*Please name Product(s)

Please indicate your home location

Please indicate in the tables below the range which best describes your current remuneration package, and the range which best describes your expectation for your next position.

Basic Salary
(€ Euros per year)

Current Position
(enter ‘Y’ as appropriate)

Expected for Next Position
(enter ‘Y’ as appropriate)

Below 40,000

40,000 – 50,000

51,000 – 60,000

61,000 – 70,000

71,000 – 80,000

Above 80,000

Additional Benefits

Company Car or Car Allowance

Contributory Pension Scheme

Medical/Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Other (please describe)

Performance Related Pay (in addition to basic salary)

Bonus based on personal performance

Bonus based on Group/Division/Team performance

Bonus based on Company performance

Thank you for completing this brief profile. It will be of great help in identifying the opportunities that represent the best match to your current experience and preferences.

Telesoft Intelligent Systems Consultancy Inc.

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