A. Gulsevim

Following graduation from  Middle East Technical University’s department of Electrical&Computer Engineering in 1979, he received his Master of Science degree at the same University in the same field. During his MS study, he began working in Relience Electric in Turkey for 1 year, then he worked with UTE Holding and supported  mini computers all around Turkey for 1 year. After completing his MS, starting in 1982, he worked in various positions (as Telecommunication Engineer, Software Developer, DBA, Project Manager, IT Manager, Large-Scale Telco Projects Consultant) at ITT North, Alcatel Standard, LHS, Swisscom, Vodaphone, Sofrecom and FranceTelekom projects in 7 different countries (USA, Zambia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Egypt) for 12 years. He founded Telesoft Intelligent Systems Consultancy Inc. in 1988. Ahmet Gulsevim has been working as the manager of the company. He also coordinated/developed/managed most of the top projects in Turkey (TOBB (Union of Turkish Chambers of Commerce and Industry) e-conversion project, GLOBALSTAR/TESAM Satellite based Mobile Communication CC&B project, ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sawage Authority) CC&B and MIS Project, AKBIL Istanbul City Public Transportation Integrated Electronic Ticket System project, Chamber of Bakery Automation and Billing System project). In Istanbul, daily 10 millions USD is being collected by the programs (ISKI CC&B and AKBIL) developed by Mr. Gulsevim.

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