Other Resources

Technical Resources

Initials                  Expertise

GA                          Senior Telco CC&B/CRM Consultancy, Project Management, Operational Frameworks

OO                         Telco CC&B Consultancy, DBA

MM                         Telco CC&B, Inventory, HP-OV

OE                          Telco CC&B, Network/System Manager, HD

IB                           Telco CC&B/CRM Rating/Billing and Data Migration

YM                          Telco CC&B Services&Tariffs

AK                          Telco CC&B CM/OM Consultancy

AI                           Telco Technical/System+Security Manager

GH                          Telco CC&B/CRM Integration, Cut-over Consultancy

TO                          Telco CC&B/CRM Test&Integration

UO                          Telco CC&B/CRM Test&Integration, DBA

AK                           Telco SOA, PORTAL, Integration, BI

OG                          Telco, OO Design, C++/J2EE Developer, Test&Integration, UML

YO                          Telco Integration Solution Architect, IdM/SSO

LM                           Telco Administrative

EA                           Integration, SOA, Portal, J2EE Frameworks

KE                           Integration, J2EE developer

DS                           Telco CC&B Data Quality

DB                           Integration, SOA, Portal, J2EE Frameworks

EG                           J2EE Software Architect

HG                          Government/EU projects program management

AA                          SOA, WebLogic Portal

CC                           .NET/J2EE Software Architect

HH                          UML, SRS,SDD, SDLC, J2EE Development


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